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Happy Holiday's from Organa, your home for quality films, children's TV and movies from Europe and Canada. Check out some of our holiday titles and recommendations below.

Brush with Life: Recommended for those who enjoyed "Salt of the Earth."

Brush with Life follows the work of artist Edward Biberman, brother of Director Herbert Biberman from "Salt of the Earth." The film follows the recollections of Biberman's ninety five year old wife Sonja Dahl Biberman highlight how the revered visual artist drew on an early-life tragedy to fuel his creativity, his commitment to social justice, and his loyalty to family in a turbulent century marked by two world wars and a harrowing witch hunt in his own country.

“A fascinating film about a visionary artist whose L.A. paintings were decades ahead of Ed Ruscha and David Hockney, and continue to grow in stature.”

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